Why support The Weight Of Chains 3?


'The Weight Of Chains 3' is a Canadian documentary film in pre-production that will deal with how big business and political interest groups endanger peoples' health and very existence. Through the analysis of crimes against the environment, genetic modification of food and the urgent issue of climate change, the film will zero in on the example of the former Yugoslavia, a country that, up until the 1990s, used to produce quality organic food, had environmental awareness, a moderate climate and a relatively healthy populace, a region that has now become heavily polluted, with a more extreme climate, rising GMO food production and a population growing sicker by the day.

Why support The Weight Of Chains 3?


The documentary will analyze the effects of this unique form of biological warfare on a global scale and try to summarize who the main culprits are, as well as present ways in which the people can organize themselves in rebelling against their demise. It is a film that will change the way you look at your own role in shaping our future.

Why support The Weight Of Chains 3?


As with Boris Malagurski’s previous films, this documentary will be funded by donations from people around the world, people like you! As we do not have support from major corporations or big production companies, your donation makes this film a reality - without your support, this film will not be completed! We invite you to donate now, any amount is greatly appreciated and we thank you in advance!




Boris Malagurski sponsors speech

Your donation makes this film possible.
‘The Weight of Chains 3’ will present actual ways in which we can rebel against the injustices of the system we live in and this is why it is crucial that this film sees the light of day. Without your support, this film will not be completed, so please donate now and help make this documentary project and movement a reality.

Boris Malagurski – Film Director

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Total Raised: CAD $ 55,005

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The Heroes of the Film


The sponsors and contributors who donate towards the budget of this film are the ones who will make this film possible. Please donate now!

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Miroslav MaticUnknown$10
Aleksandar TodorovicMannheim, Germany$10
Darko KosicUnknown$10
Goran RadovanovicBelgrade, Serbia$10
Nemanja DoderovicUnknown$10
Katarina SavicToronto, Canada$10
Robert PasalicUnknown$10
Dragan CitakovicUnknown$10
Dusan GajicBelgrade, Serbia$10
Juliana Valentina MorettiSorocaba, Brazil$10
Milos DuricUnknown$10
Zoran RomicBonnyrigg Heights, Australia$10
Igor RadanovicUnknown$10
Dusan LazinPancevo, Serbia$10
Forever Aloe ShopLuxembourg, Germany$10
Dusan StosicBujanovac, Serbia$10
Mario PeinovicUnknown$10
Aleksandar PesutTiller, Norway$10
Dragan BojicUnknown$10
Sasa RadulovicUnknown$10
Nikica BabicMississauga, Canada$10
Djordje StekicSpreitenbach, Switzerland$10
Srdjan ProkicUnknown$10
Dream Big ITNovi Sad, Serbia$10
Predrag KaludjerovicSnohomish, United States$10
Radenko JercicKlagenfurt, Austria$10
Katarina DimicBelgrade, Serbia$10
Drazen LazarevicUnknown$10
Slavica CvijicLondon, United Kingdom$10
Marko RisticRozvadov, Czech Republic$10
Dijana KocikjRegensburg, Germany$10
Zarko DincicElmwood Park, United States$10
Aleksandar VidovicUnknown$10
Ferdinand LoipfingerDorfen, Germany$10
Ankica BubasSheboygan, United States$10
Milan BatinicHelsingborg, Sweden$10
Dijana BrzakovicUnknown$10
Petar RakocevicNis, Serbia$10
Aleksandar BogdanovicZurich, Switzerland$10
Grujo PejakovicUnknown$10
Uros MitrovicBacko Dobro Polje, Serbia$10
Viktor DujmovicsUnknown$10
Ljubisa VucicBanja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina$10
Teodora JankovicUnknown$10
Communications Group International, Inc.Fort Myers, United States$10
Stevan SavicUnknown$10
Uros SamardzijaBelgrade, Serbia$10
Milan VujanicUnknown$10
Dejan PetkovicAmsterdam, Netherlands$10
Boris MilidragUnknown$10
Toma KolaricLjubljana, Slovenia$10
Branko KaranBelgrade, Serbia$10
Svijetlan SokolovicParramatta, Australia$10
Vanja SimonovicVinca, Serbia$10
Ignac GabrovecUnknown$10
Walter AndjelkovicEvanston, United States$10
Sonja NikolicZrenjanin, Serbia$10
Dusko YovicAlexander Heights, Australia$10
Natasa DosenUnknown$10
Bosko SreticSurrey, United Kingdom$10
Miroslav LojanicaBonnyrigg Heights, Australia$10
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Aleksandar AnticUnknown$10
Marko MilovanovicDoha, Qatar$10
Ivana PavlovicKoceljeva, Serbia$10
Bojan MilanovicGoteborg, Sweden$10
Ivan SusacUnknown$10
Zoran LazendicOakville, Canada$10
Nikola GalicBanja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina$10
Nenad RadovanovicSan Francisco, United States$10
Zelimir VukovicVienna, Austria$10
Sergej KubatUnknown$10
Zdravko SaricWien, Austria$10
Miljan RoganTrebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina$10
Aleksa LalicBolzano, Italy$10
Ivan TrnavacUnknown$10
Agnieszka SavicLondon, United Kingdom$10
Milos MilosevicMiami, United States$10
Nikola GencicUnknown$10
Bosko SijakovicBelgrade, Serbia$10
Miomir TodorovicCork, Ireland$10
Filip KosticUnknown$10
Nikola PanicMunich, Germany$10
Danilo NovicikUnknown$10
Pavel NemecUnknown$10
Vladimir DeminDugo Selo, Croatia$10
Slavko CaticUnknown$10
Dragana MarkovicRaynes Park, United Kingdom$10
Radimir KnezevicBelgrade, Serbia$10
Leposava RiovicUnknown$10
Branislav LjubicicSt. Gallen, Switzerland$10
Danijel LaketicUnknown$10
Mladen NedovicToronto, Canada$10
Bojana Spasojevic SijackiAnnerley, Australia$10
Spasoje GrkovicScottsdale, United States$10
ConsultingBelgrade, Serbia$10
Dejan GeorgievLjubljana, Slovenia$10
Vladimir PavicevicPodgorica, Montenegro$10
Momir TodorovicCerknica, Slovenia$10
Sandra TomicNeuhausen, Germany$10
Svetlana VukelicSombor, Serbia$10
Marko KulpincevicAachen, Germany$10
Danijel DragulovicAtlanta, United States$10
Rodoljub VuceticBelgrade, Serbia$10
Tanja Kojic GasparinNimes, France$10
Zoran DjuricBelgrade, Serbia$9
Nikola StankovicNetherlands$8
Bratislav NesicFirenze, Italy$8
Zoran JovanovicNegotin, Serbia$7
Predrag DmitrovicUnknown$7
Branka StanicKozarska Dubica, Bosnia and Herzegovina$7
Mira NikolicUnknown$7
Bruno PosaOulu, Finland$7
Dejan VidicUnknown$7
Bratislav GarcicUnknown$6
Nebojsa ViloticRuma, Serbia$6
Nedo DurdicUnknown$6
Marko PetkovicUnknown$7
Milos C.Belgrade, Serbia$6
Vladimir JakovljevicHeidelberg, Germany$5
Goran DugicModrica, Bosnia and Herzegovina$5
Jovana VeselinovicUnknown$5
Mirko SalakMunich, Germany$5
Danilo MilankovicBobota, Croatia$5
Milica BolchAtlanta, United States$5
Bonar BucalinaNewport, Australia$5
Vlastimir MilovanovicBelgrade, Serbia$5
Thomas RudolphObfelden, Switzerland$5
Vladimir PopovicUnknown$5
Ivan TasicBurnaby, Canada$5
Vladan StojimirovicKoper, Slovenia$5
Ivan BozovicUnknown$5
Bojan KrtinicBelgrade, Serbia$5
Goran PavlovicUnknown$5
Branislav TodjerUzdin, Serbia$5
Bojan KleutIserlohn, Germany$5
Milos MilovanovicUnknown$5
Sasa TepsicBanja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina$5
Milan TusevljakUnknown$5
Miroslav NovtaNovi Sad, Serbia$5
Vera ProkicUnknown$5
Denis LapadatovicUnknown$5
Zeljko BajicBanja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina$5
Ognjen KovacevicBelgrade, Serbia$5
Stanislav RankovicUnknown$5
Marko SimonovicBelgrade, Serbia$5
Milos DelicBanja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina$5
Milan BaracRuma, Serbia$5
Ivana JovanovicCetinje, Montenegro$5
Milos SmiljkicUnknown$5
Oliver SetkaMostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina$5
Aleksandar VasicUnknown$5
Dejan DjurdjevicSirig, Serbia$5
Branko LukicLesnica, Serbia$5
Marko StojicevicUnknown$5
Marko BorovacUnknown$5
Stefan KonjevicTrollhattan, Sweden$5
Fedja FurdujBelgrade, Serbia$5
Nedeljko BradicUnknown$5
Marijan PejicicPostojna, Slovenia$5
Rajko DamjanacBelgrade, Serbia$5
SerbianmatrixKula, Serbia$5
Gordon JoncicSeabrook, United States$5
Veljko PetkovicNis, Serbia$5
Marko JovicUnknown$5
Igor CvijanovicMunich, Germany$4
Mapa PristupacnostiBelgrade, Serbia$3
Ognjen OdobasicBelgrade, Serbia$3
Nenad BubicUnknown$3
Nedeljko RadomirovicDubai, United Arab Emirates$3
Nena SiminUnknown$3
Jovan GvozdenovicGradiska, Bosnia and Herzegovina$3
Stefan LucicVrbas, Serbia$3
Branislav PravdaUnknown$3
Zoran PejicGradiska, Bosnia and Herzegovina$3
Tihomir JankovicUnknown$3
Marko RadulovicZemun, Serbia$2
Tadija MiticNis, Serbia$2
Boris NikolicUnknown$2
Aleksandar CicicAleksandrovac, Bosnia and Herzegovina$2
Sandro KovacevicVancouver, Canada$2
Nikola MilunovicUnknown$2
Branko DjokovicUnknown$2
Bora JankovicObrenovac, Serbia$2
Predrag MilosevicUnknown$1
Marko StokicBologna, Italy$2
Jovan JovanovicNis, Serbia$2
Predrag PopovicPodgorica, Montenegro$1
Vojkan BozicUnknown$1
Milan NovakovicAleksinac, Serbia$1
Lazar DjurickovicUnknown$1
Branko PreradovicUnknown$1
Predrag PetkovicBelgrade, Serbia$1
Lazar GavrilovicUnknown$1
Dejan JakovljevicZajecar, Serbia$1
Tihomir MalesevicPrnjavor, Bosnia and Herzegovina$1
Dario BekicUnknown$1
Ognjen StanisavljevicBelgrade, Serbia$1
Nikola PjevacUnknown$1
Bojan SusicDoboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina$1
Pavle VasiljevicBelgrade, Serbia$1
Djutiar AbdullahUnknown$1
Milan CukUnknown$1
Sasa RajicSmederevska Palanka, Serbia$1
Slobodan BalacUnknown$1
Savo MilutinovicIvanjica, Serbia$1
Marcus EiassonUnknown$1
Vladimir VujovicUnknown$1
Filip ZivkovicLjubljana, Slovenia$1
Nikola NicicVranje, Serbia$1
Srecko BugarcicUnknown$1



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